Data Analytics Career Framework

This internal site was developed to help the Data Analytics team understand the different distinct roles available within the wider data science community and to provide a route or roadmap for their career journey.

The site was designed to reinforce the 4 career profiles that the EY Data analytics Leadership team had come up with - Data Scientist, Data Analytics Professional, Data Application Engineer and Data Engineer. The site defines each profile, sets out what is expected of someone in that role and lists the various skills, competencies and other bodies of knoweldge that one would need.

Due to the amount of content on the site, the UI was kept clean with a focus on clear navigation and as much white space as possible. The Navigation was based off the Google Material Design Guidelines website and the Materialize framework was used to implement many componenets on the site.

As this is an internal site, access is restricted. The site is also only viewable on desktop.